Two Powerful Benefits of Engaging in a Journey Marketing Campaign

Two Powerful Benefits of Engaging in a Journey Marketing Campaign

Part of the promise, a big part of the promise, of journey marketing (JM) is that you are able to largely centralize data about your customers and prospects. This allows you to figure out what data is important and what isn’t.

Yes, it takes time because there's a lot of experimentation. But at the end of the day, purely from a strategic marketing perspective, you start reaching that ideal scenario that so many people have dreamed of – “If I just knew everything there was to know about my customers and I could access it easily and quickly, and play with that information and analyze it, then my business would be immensely successful.”

JM is a methodology, a system, that allows that to happen. It is also a catalyst, delivering two significant benefits to an organization that embraces JM.

The first benefit is that JM provides for a much more cost-effective approach to marketing than the traditional, disconnected-blast advertising campaigns. That’s because it forces you to take a more holistic, long-term perspective as to how you're going to deal with your customers and prospects.

So not only do you reduce costs, but you also experience greater growth, both from a sales and profitability standpoint.

The second benefit is very closely related to the first. Journey marketing, typically, allows you to develop a much better relationship with your customer. That’s because you eventually gain enough knowledge to know that when you communicate or engage with a customer that the customer is going to value those communications versus simply deleting those 36 emails from the last month, without even looking at them.  The customer believes you understand them, and you’re not engaging in indiscriminate mass marketing. That leads to better relationships with your customers, which supports greater growth.

Most companies desperately need this. They’re all trying to have the ultimate relationship in today’s world, like what Apple has with its customers. But not everyone can be Apple, which has essentially turned its brand into a religion among its customers. People line up for hours to get that latest iPhone. These customers are extraordinarily loyal, and not because of journey marketing. But for the rest of us, it’s not that easy. The rest of us need journey marketing and its ability to engender an exceptional relationship between the company, its products, and its customers.


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